Ethics – Q4 Test

due Monday: Using West’s text, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Bible, and your own thoughts, write an essay (about 400 words) on the question, “What is Catholic marriage intended by God to be for us in the Church?”.

Attach you doc to an email, or share it with me over OneDrive.  Bring the textbook with you to class on Monday.

ETHICS – HW assns. for Tuesday, 15 April & Thursday, 17 April

For 15 April:  In Good News about Sex and Marriage,  write two sentences from West’s responses to Questions 10- 14 in Ch. 4 (pg 79) – his responses that you think are helpful and key to countering the objection/question with Theology of the Body thinking.

For 17 April: the article by Msgr Charles Pope “Let no one overreach or defraud others in this matter.” – A Meditation on the Scriptural Connection between Sexual Immorality, Greed, and Theft.”

Show that you have read by highlighting, underlining, writing questions and comments in the margins. Demonstrate you have inwardly digested the article by writing your reflections and at least three things in the article you learned/ recognized as echoing Mr West in Good News about Sex and Marriage. 


Ethics – HW for 9 April

Read West’s responses to Questions 6- 9 in Chapter 4 (pp. 71-79)

Select the four most key sentences from each of West’s responses. Type them into your OneDrive doc or Libre log.

Be prepared to share them in class and explain why you think they’re key


Ethics – Quiz today

There will be a Quiz today over Ch 3 of Good News.

Use your notes from the lectures on the PowerPoint The Basics of Marriage in the Church that were given last week and the week before that, to study.

25 T/ F questions, 4 Short Answer questions, 1 Fill-in questions on [hint, hint] a really long sentence we spent a lot of time working with in class

Ethics – Good News about Sex and Marriage, Ch. 3 Assn’mt

-In class assn’mt/ HW assn’mt:  Ch. 3, pp 54-64

Read Mr West’s responses to the following questions/criticisms people sometimes have/ make toward the Church’s understanding of and teaching concerning what makes a marriage, and why divorce is impossible. As you do, pick out the key sentences in each of his responses to these questions. Then quote them directly, word for word, in the Word documents you created for this Quarter [ "EthicsPeriod#_LastName_Q4_assn log"  in your OneDrive (SkyDrive) account... or created in LibreWriter on your lap top drive]

Question 9,  pp. 54-55    the 4 or 5 key sentences; Q 10, 56-57, 3 key ones; q11, 57-58, 2 or 3 key ones; Q12, 58, 3 key ones; Q12, 58, 3 key; Q13, 59, 4 key; Q14, 59-60, 3 key; Q15, 60-61; Q16, 61-62, 4 or 5 key; Q17, 63, 2 or 3.

If you have lost your text, or if it has died go to:

Due Thursday, 3 April.

Read over Ch. 4 – thru Q 6 for Thursday, as well.

The Ch. 3 PowerPoint ‘The Basics of Marriage in the Church’ that was shown in class on 24, 26 & 28 March has been uploaded to my OneDrive